In Istanbul, Turkey, Sofia is a lonely girl who dreams of climbing rainbows. She spends long hours on her terrace overlooking the waters of the Golden Horn waiting for a rainbow to approach. She befriends Incir (In-jir), a stray kitten who eats figs and is afraid of heights. Sofia mocks Incir for his oddities and bullies him when he refuses to spend time on the terrace with her. One day a rainbow forms next to Sofia’s terrace and she enthusiastically climbs it.  When she reaches the top she basks in the beautiful views and the sun’s warmth—until the rainbow begins to thin out and she screams in terror as she realizes she will soon fall in the icy waters. She freezes at the top of the rainbow, unable to slide down. Incir hears her screams and, despite his fear of heights, runs up the fading rainbow and leads Sofia to safety. Sofia learns the importance of tolerance and respect for diversity.